QuickThoughts Review: Is it Legit? Does it Pay? (2020)

QuickThoughts is a popular survey platform for Android, iOS, and the web.

Similar to any other survey site, it lets you take surveys for points, which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards exclusively (no bank or PayPal withdrawals).

You can expect to make about $60 a month with it working 1-2 hours per day. So it’s decent beer money.

But it’s not all surveys and fun- because it does present its fair share of BS which may dissuade you and steer you over to a QuickThoughts alternative.

Let’s dive in and find out if QuickThoughts is worth it.


  • Type: Mobile app, web
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, web
  • Price: Free
  • Registration required: Yes (name, address, phone, etc.)
  • Earning potential: $0-$10,000 per month
  • Realistic earning average: $5-25 per month
  • Time commitment: 1 minute per day
  • Estimated earnings per hour: $30 per hour (based on two month’s earnings)
  • Download the app: Android, iOS
  • See the official page


  • Plenty of surveys available
  • Some times you can earn quickly
  • Excellent for idle time


  • Only Amazon gift card redemptions (no bank or PayPal)
  • $10 threshold for cashing out
  • Banned accounts are common
  • No customer service
  • Plagued with problems when trying to redeem earnings

Overall score: 6/10 (Average)

QuickThoughts is a survey app that’ll allows you to earn Amazon GCs with a $10 cash out limit. The team behind the app seems to ban often and has little to no customer support, so that’s a problem. Some surveys will allow you to earn quickly, but these are rare and not frequent enough to warrant this as a primary money maker.

What is QuickThoughts?

QuickThoughts is a survey app that’s available for both smartphones and the web.

The app lets you “share” your thoughts in exchange for rewards. It’s not the only app of its kind, as there are many clones of the same thing with a different name.

After you download a dozen or so of these survey apps, each promising to be the best and highest-paying, you start to see how they’re pretty much just clones of each other- some crappier than others.

The app has some terrible reviews recently. It almost looks like they got review bombed with negative reviews.

Just look at this RECENT list of ALL reviews on the Play Store:

QuickThoughts scam or legit?

Regardless, QuickThoughts has a bunch of different ways to earn rewards. The bulk of it is through surveys from advertisers and requestors.

But you can also do local activities that pay you for completing “missions” which usually stop at various stores. There are also polls, secret shopper activities, and other random things.

I don’t care for those because they’re rarely worth your time.

You should focus on the surveys 99% of the time you use QuickThoughts because that’s the most efficient use of your time on this app. Ignore all the other activities unless you’re already outdoors. Or you’re just bored.

How does it work?

QuickThoughts works by providing you with a list of paid surveys.

Similar to Qmee and Survey Junkie, there are multiple surveys available at any given time so you don’t need to mess with waiting for a notification. This is good and bad.

The good is that you can do some paid surveys whenever you want during idle time. And you can try to maximize your earnings by choosing the ones that take the least time and pay the most money.

The bad is that most of them are garbage and will pay you a slave wage.

But then again, if you’ve done any survey app on the planet before, this is to be expected. There are only a few survey platforms that I’ve used that actually can pay minimum wage.

And even this is hard to hit because you need a streak of high paying surveys to take.

So anyway, you find a survey using QuickThoughts built-in matching system. You fill out some basic demographic details and it’ll match you with a survey.

After that, it’s just a matter of completing the survey and then earning your reward points.

It’s the same as any other old survey app.

They range from freeform text, multiple-choice, polls, opinions, and radio buttons/dropdown menus. The interface is easy to use and smooth with no problems. Longer surveys work fine. I’ve never gotten an error message or had any app crashes, unlike some other apps.

Then, there are also other options like secret shopper surveys and scout missions.

Both of these I ignore because I just don’t think they’re worth the time required. If you’re already out at the mall or something and you happen to find a local mission RIGHT there in the same mall, then yeah, it’s probably worth it.

But going out just to do these missions is highly underpaid when you factor in the time to get ready, changing, gas, wear on your car, etc.

So I just focus on the surveys exclusively and only when my other higher-paying opportunities are exhausted. QuickThoughts shouldn’t be used as a primary money maker as it’s very inefficient. Not to mention that you only get paid in GCs, which isn’t for everyone.

How do you make money with QuickThoughts?

You make money with QuickThoughts by completing surveys.

Each survey earns you points which you can redeem for Amazon GCs once you hit $10. Depending on the number of surveys that day and which ones you match with, your earnings per hour varies wildly.

How much can you make per hour? Per month?

You can make anywhere from $1-$8 per hour with QuickThoughts on average.

Upwards of $10/hour isn’t unheard of. This all depends on the surveys you take, their pay, and how quickly you can work without answering bogus responses.

You can do the math. If you’re making $2 an hour with QuickThoughts (a realistic estimate), and you do this for one hour a day, every day for a month, you’ll make about $60 a month.

Does QuickThoughts pay?

Yes, QuickThoughts is a legit app that pays. But this shouldn’t be news to you because there are a bunch of other apps that pay you more for the same thing.

Regardless, you can redeem your earnings for Amazon gift cards. There’s no other options for cashing out, unlike Qmee which lets you redeem in any way you want- including gift cards, PayPal, and direct deposit transfer to your bank.

If you don’t shop on Amazon, don’t use this app. There’s nothing else for you to redeem and your earnings (and time) will be stuck in perpetuity.

You can redeem every $10, which is the minimum threshold for cashing out.

How do you redeem your earnings?

You can redeem your “free” Amazon gift cards when you hit the $10 threshold.

The process is automated. You claim your prize and QuickThoughts will send you a code that you activate on Amazon. Then the reward amount is added to your GC balance. It’s pretty much exactly like SurveyMonkey or Qmee.

QuickThoughts lets you redeem your points easily. There’s no option for PayPal or bank transfers, so you’re stuck with gift cards. The process is fast and automated, so no complaints. You can buy everything on Amazon anyway, so this shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

Cash-out as soon as you hit the minimum amount though because being banned on QuickThoughts or blocked from logging in seems to be a prevalent problem.

Is QuickThoughts legit?

Yes, QuickThoughts is a legitimate survey app. It pays after you hit the minimum cash-out amount.

However, the app does have its fair share of problems- such as extremely low-paying surveys and the random banned accounts. If you don’t mind either of these problems, you can keep the app on your phone to do some surveys when you’re bored. It’s comparable to Qmee.

They both offer plenty of available surveys to take, but only a handful of them are worth your time at any given time.

Is it worth your time?

No, not if you have other alternatives to pursue.

QuickThoughts is only useful when you’ve exhausted all your other money-making methods and have absolutely nothing else to do. I’d suggest only using QuickThoughts during the times when you’re waiting around or extremely bored.

Or if you’re out in public and you just happen to come across some local “mission” that you can complete for some quick points.

Is the QuickThoughts app safe?

As with any survey app, the app is as safe as the data you give out.

QuickThoughts only asks for basic demographic information to fill out your profile and match you up with survey advertisers. And there’s nothing wrong with this because a more accurate match means everyone profits.

You take a survey you actually know about. And the advertiser gets feedback they can actually use. This is how surveys work. And how they’re SUPPOSED to work.

So you SHOULD provide accurate information to the team so they can match you with the right surveys.

But for the personal information you give out on the actual surveys you take, that’s up to you. Some surveyors may request personally identifiable information, which you should always avoid.

Any surveys that ask for your email, phone, address, name, or any other details that you can use to find out how you are should never be answered- at least that’s what I’d do. If you’re comfortable with giving out your info, you should understand the risks of doing so.

That’s your call.

Whatever survey you come across that requests these details MAY have slipped through QuickThoughts’s radar because these types of surveys should be labeled that it requests personal info. They should also pay more than regular anonymous surveys.

That’s proper etiquette.

So if you take a survey that pays low and takes forever to finish, and then it hits you for personal details, you best report it to the team.

How do you delete your QuickThoughts account?

You can message the customer support team to wipe your data and then delete your account.

After that, erase the app from your device. I’ve never done this myself, but I’d assume the team behind QuickThoughts must delete your data upon your request unless there’s some statement in the Terms or Privacy policy that allows them to keep your data on their servers.

The problems with QuickThoughts

Here’s what people are saying about the app. I’ve never personally had any of these issues to the point where it affected my earnings drastically, but it seems others have.

Customer service

QuickThoughts doesn’t have the most gleaming reviews for their email support.

Don’t expect to get a reply anytime soon, especially for critical issues like you being locked out of your account or unable to redeem your points.

Although the majority of users will (hopefully) never have to contact support, those that do will be waiting for a long time. Users stated that they sent multiple emails to no avail:

QuickThoughts doesn't reply to emails.
QuickThroughts legit or not?

Getting banned

QuickThoughts has a nasty habit of banning people’s accounts for apparently no reason.

Although this has never happened to me, the number of reviews saying they were banned is startling.

Just look at these recent reviews of all the same thing:

QuickThoughts bans accounts.
This is nothing special.

I don’t know if these people are all examples of poor survey responses, or trying to game the system in some way or another. Or if QuickThoughts really is happy with the banhammer.

Whatever the case, you can contact their support here if you get banned. But the chances of redeeming your account is low. So whatever you do, don’t go into this venture thinking that it’s a surefire way to earn money.

With the possibility of having your account terminated at any point, you NEED to cash out every $10 when you can. Imagine having $50 in your account because you’re saving up and then the next time you try to log on, you’re banned. Cash-out early and cash out often.

Note that most people get banned when they try to cash outright at the $10 mark. Is this just bad business practice on QuickThoughts’ end trying to get people to do free labor and then hitting them with the ban hammer? Or is it just a coincidence?

Error messages

This also is a common issue with the app.

People report that they get errors when trying to connect such as “invalid country location” or “error, please try again” or “no network connection” when they launch the app.

Some people also report that they log in to QuickThoughts and have no surveys available to take, or are unable to redeem their points for rewards. While the surveys themselves work smoothly, the app does have its fair share of glitches.

I never had problems with these, but that could be because of the OS. I’m on iOS and most of these complaints are on the Android side.


Sadly, once you get banned from QuickThoughts, you won’t be able to reinstate your account.

The majority of reviews I scanned from the web state that they got banned right around the $10 mark and couldn’t log back on or had errors on the app.

They then emailed support only to get no reply. So it’s almost as if their account was blacklisted by QuickThoughts. No big deal. If you like these kinds of apps (lots of surveys, but most are low paying), there are plenty to go around.

Try Qmee, which is less trigger-happy with the ban hammer and has decent support.

You can see just from their reviews on the Play Store that not once has a developer responded to user complaints:

QuickThoughts pays, but sometimes they make it difficult.
This is quite common in the reviews.

QuickThoughts alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives to QuickThoughts: Qmee, Survey Junkie, Survey Monkey Rewards, Google Opinion Rewards, and more.

QuickThoughts doesn’t have anything special going for it, but it does offer nearly unlimited surveys to take. It’s good for some hardcore grinding if you’re bored and got nothing but time.

Otherwise, there are more efficient survey opportunities on other platforms that you should be using rather than QT.

Overall review

QuickThoughts is an app that you don’t want to use as your main money maker. There are plenty of other survey apps that pay more but offer fewer surveys.

You should only use this when you have nothing else to do during your downtime. It’s on par with Qmee, as both apps offer plenty of low-paying surveys that you can work for some side income.

If you’re OK with the risk of getting banned for no reason and possible errors when cashing out with no customer service, then QuickThoughts is right for you. I’d suggest keeping this app on your phone and only doing the high paying surveys when possible.

And only using it when you have no other money-making opportunities for the day- such as when you’re out and about in public waiting for your meal at McDonald’s (that was paid for with beer money).

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