Gain.GG Review – Is it Legit? (2020)

What’s is like Swagbucks for gamers.

That’s the best way I can describe it. Similar to Survey Junkie, Qmee, and other survey sites,

Gain.GG allows you to earn coins, which is their virtual currency with a real-world USD equivalent. It’s NOT a cryptocurrency as there’s no value of it outside of the platform.

How do you make money with homepage.
Payment proof for can be found all over the user reviews.

You earn money by completing surveys, trying out apps and games, and watching videos.

There are also some oddball tasks here and there but I didn’t bother with them as surveys are the main moneymaker on the site.

The monetary equivalent conversion is 1K coins = $1 USD. So that means 1 coin is 0.001 pennies.

While it’s not as ridiculous as those sites that shower you with thousands of coins when in reality it’s just a few cents, it’s also annoying to convert sometimes.

I wish sites would just have 1 coin = 1 penny so there’s no conversion needed for all that unnecessary fluff to make it seem like you’re rolling in dough.

Regardless, Gain.GG lets you redeem your coins with only a $0.01 minimum threshold.

So you can pretty much cash out at any time you want, directly to PayPal with no fees. This is one of the FEW survey sites with no cashout minimum.

You can cash out daily if you want to. I mean, if you can’t earn $0.01 per day, GPT and surveys aren’t for you. Sorry, buddy.

The nice thing about no mins for cashing out is that you can do it daily and not get burned out. I’m sure you know how that feels.

You work for days and weeks trying to reach that $10 threshold just to get your hard-earned cash so you can finally buy those Steam cards.

But then you never reach it and the survey company reaps all the rewards. makes it good for beginners because you can stay motivated to work.

For beginners, Gain.GG is a very easy way to get started with surveys with its straightforward UI and gamify system with points.

There are even user profiles, a chat system, and a community built around it. It’s the only survey platform that has other active users that I know of where you can communicate with them in real-time.'s chat system.
The chat is pretty active.

They have profiles, usernames, and even a neat little chart that shows off their earnings and player “level.”

How does work?

Similar to any other GPT site, provides you a list of surveys to complete for points.

There are also videos and app downloads (some of which pay nicely) but I don’t bother with those because my privacy on my phone is more important.

The surveys are what make you the most money anyway, so find the best work: payout ratio, put on some music, and grind away. has offers from many notable networks like AdGate, Adscend Media, OfferToro, and PeanutLabs.

For anyone who’s had skin in the game as long as I have, you should recognize all these leading media companies and know their reputations are excellent. For anyone else, these are legitimate CPA companies.

So you find surveys that appeal to you and complete them for coins. Then you redeem the coins for PayPal cash. That’s pretty much it. offers.
These are reputable brands that fulfill the offer walls.

So, is safe or a scam? is not a scam and is a legit, paying survey site.

Unlike some other shady apps with a bunch of robotic ref code users spamming positive reviews, has positive user reviews from a variety of sources like Reddit and Trustpilot.

As with any survey site, the personal details you give out are under your discretion. If you provide your sensitive data when you complete surveys, you’re putting yourself at risk if the data were to be sold, transferred, or even hacked.

Is it worth your time?

This is one of the few survey sites that actually has decent surveys. You can thank their pool legitimate advertisers that provide the surveys for users to complete.

Compared to average hourly earnings on other alternatives to (Qmee, Swagbucks, and Quick Thoughts), is one of the highest paying sites out of them all.

So with this, Gain is worth your time especially if you buy crypto, want game skins, or just like the idea of gamifying surveys to keep them entertained.

Is legit?

Yes, is a legitimate way to earn cash by completing surveys. The site is good for beginners as it holds your hand through the system to complete your first few surveys.

Compared to other survey sites like Swagbucks and Qmee, the UI is very easy to use and has minimal clutter. It’s also a lot more modern and has an appealing design.

With minimum payouts of a penny and plenty of ways to redeem your earnings, proves to be one of the easiest ways for beginners.

Reviews on Trustpilot show a lot of glowing positive sentiment: reviews are positive on Trustpilot.

Is there an app? has no mobile app. You can log in directly from the website and complete surveys.

Plus, this makes doing surveys directly from your phone easier since you already have them ready to download. The app downloads, videos, and games flow well on mobile devices and work flawlessly.

The problems with is a legitimate way to earn some side hustle income. There are two things I don’t like about it, but these can be just personal gripes.

The first is the app downloads.

And this is particularly what made me give up on them and solely focus on surveys back when I was still grinding on this site. Most of the app downloads require you to perform or trigger an action to get paid.

As this site primarily attracts gamers, we all know how boring and absolutely rage-inducing it can be to play a terrible, generic clone of a game.

Sadly, some of these games are so poorly coded or leave you with one of those “where do I go now?” kind of thoughts which just wastes your time.

And considering that many of the games are new (which is why their developers push them on for advertising) there are NO guides or walkthroughs for them.

So you’re then playing some boring game that you’ve already invested hours into trying to get to the last level so you’ll get paid. But then you get stuck or can’t’ beat a level and have no resources to find out what to do.

Remember back in the 90s when there were no readily available online walkthroughs and you had to figure everything out on your own?

Yeah, that’s what it’s like.

Except the game’s horrible and you’re an adult now and realize you don’t have time to waste on this garbage. That’s how it feels.

The second is the signup process. ONLY allows you to sign up using your Steam account or Google Account. You can’t make a separate account JUST for unless you create a new email or Steam account. only allows Steam or Google logins.
The only two ways to login.

And if you don’t, your Google name on your profile on your Steam username will be displayed on the platform for all others to see.

While this may not be a big problem for many, others don’t want their usernames displayed on the sitewide ticker to show that you completed some offer or survey. Privacy problem.

You should create your own account just for this site to keep yourself anonymous.

What can you redeem with lets you redeem your earned points for many different prizes.

Other than the PayPal cash out, you can also redeem skins for your favorite games, gift cards, and even cryptocurrency. redemption page lets you earn gift cards and PayPal cash.
You can redeem PayPal cash, gift cards, and even Bitcoin.

Here’s a full list of redeemable prizes from

  • Withdraw to Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • CSGO Shop
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Adidas
  • Airbnb
  • eBay
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Nintendo

And over 100 other retailers with virtual GCs.

They have Tango gift cards which cover the majority of popular retailers on the planet. Their cryptocurrency withdrawals are done over the blockchain or through Coinbase with no fees. CSGOShop has a ton of skins for your favorite games like Dota 2.

You can withdraw your cash anytime directly to your PayPal account.

Only verified users can do this and’s verification system is that you complete up to 10 surveys. After this, you’ll become a verified user and can cash out at just 1 cent anytime you want.

The only benefit of verifying your account is that you can cash out instantly with no approval. You can STILL withdraw your earnings to PayPal even if you’re unverified.

The only difference is that you have to wait for customer support to approve your request which can take up to a day or so. No biggie.

How much can you earn per hour? Per month?

This varies depending on the offers available and how quickly you work with accuracy.

For those with experience using GPT sites, you’ll recognize that the same offers may appear on multiple sites. seems to pay a small percentage more for most offers, so that’s generous of them rather than keeping it to themselves. I’ve seen some offers on both, Swagbucks, and instaGC with paying the most- sometimes even by a few dollars more (I’m looking at you, FFXV for Android download).

Surveys can still disqualify you halfway through the survey, which is similar to Qmee or SuveyJunkie. However, this happens a lot less frequently on and you can always ask the community in real time before taking that 30m survey.

The leaderboards clearly show the top earners and give you the potential of how much you can make with

leaderboards 1 Gain.GG Review - Is it Legit? (2020)

As you can see, the top leaders for the time of this writing made well over $200 when you convert the points to coins.

Then again, these ARE the leaders, so they know their strategies and how to maximize their earnings on For the average person (like myself), I end up with $30-60 per month if I grind on a daily basis for a few hours.

On an hourly basis, that’s anywhere from $1-4 on average depending on the availability of surveys.

The potential of is huge given the wide variety of ways you can withdraw your earnings. I haven’t seen any other platform that lets you withdraw to PayPal instantly and have the option of putting it into Bitcoin or Litecoin directly from the site.

That’s pretty cool.

The team behind Gain is definitely working towards the millennial crowd and trying to capitalize on the market.

Referral system

This GPT site really pushes the referral program and rewards you for signing up friends and strangers.

For everyone that uses your ref code and signs up under you, you get a whopping 5% of their total earnings.

While it’s not the highest in the industry (with some money-making apps paying you 10% per referral), it keeps the company sustainable. Too high of a payout will destroy profit margins and too low discourages users from giving out their code to get friends to sign up.

While most people won’t make any money doing referrals, you can still sign up some friends.

Ask your online gaming buddies.

That’s where I started and now I have a healthy amount of referred friends working under my belt. I don’t even bother with the surveys anymore to be honest, other than the rare one or two here and there.

Overall review is a legit GPT site and one of the highest paying platforms of 2020. I’d put this one as one of the easiest and user-friendly ways to make some beer money.

The pay per hour rivals that of other leading platforms like Swagbucks and there are always surveys available to take.

With the variety of ways to cash out your earnings, ease of use, and high paying surveys, you can make some decent side hustle money every month.

Probably enough to pay for a tank of gas.

Plus, if you’re a gamer or you trade crypto, this is one way you can earn “free” bitcoin, bitcoin, or Ethereum from the earnings you redeem over time.

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