Google Opinion Rewards Review – Is it Legit? (2020)

So, you’re wondering how much you can make with Google Opinion Rewards.

Another survey app. Another possible waste of time.

But this one’s developed by the tech giant Google themselves. How does it stack up against the dozens of other survey apps out there? Does it pay? Is it legit?

Let’s find out. I’ve been using this app for almost a year now so I think I’m well-versed in what it has to offer- though your experience varies depending on your lifestyle. Details to come.


  • Type: Mobile app
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free (no ads)
  • Registration required: Yes (email required)
  • Earning potential: $0-$6 per month
  • Realistic earning average: $1 per month
  • Time commitment: 1-10 minutes per month
  • Estimated earnings per hour: Varies
  • Download the app: iOS or Android
  • See the official page


  • Surveys are only 1-2 minutes on average
  • Surveys are approved, credited, and earnings appear right away
  • Low withdrawal limit of just $2
  • PayPal cash for iOS users


  • Android users can only redeem Google Play credits
  • Requires location access for access to more surveys
  • Very few survey opportunities

Overall score: 6/10 (Average)

Google Opinion Rewards is a legit app that pays you to take surveys in exchange for PayPal withdrawals or Google Play credits. The surveys are quick, easy, and functional. Credits are given automatically. With a low withdrawal limit of just $2, it’s easy to claim your earnings. But the biggest problem is a lack of survey opportunities, which makes earnings unpredictable. Still worthy of having on your phone for the off-chance that you get a new survey.

What’s Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards is a mobile survey app developed by Google for iOS and Android that lets you take surveys as they become available to earn PayPal cash or Google Play credits. It’s similar to any other app that pays you to take surveys like SurveyMonkey Rewards, QMee, etc.

How much can I earn from Google Opinion Rewards?

Unlike other survey apps, this one pays you in cash via PayPal ONLY IF you’re an iPhone user. Android users can only redeem for Play Store credits.

That instantly skews the market in favor of iOS.

No need to redeem through gift cards or virtual currency. You take the surveys, build up your cash reserves, and cash-out by PayPal.

Google Opinion Rewards has a mere $2 minimum withdrawal limit, thus making it one of the lowest cashout amounts available.

Of course, many users are NOT happy about this discrepancy between the two operating systems:

The app only allows PayPal cash for iOS users.
Google Play users will need to redeem credits.

But Play Store gift cards ain’t half bad, especially if you use it to buy your favorite games, movies, shows, or OTHER apps that can make you some beer money.

Does it pay?

If you want a no BS, no fuss, and no-nonsense way to earn money taking surveys on your phone, this is an app you’ll want to download.

  • If you’re an iOS user, you can redeem your earnings by PayPal.
  • If you’re an Android user, you can only redeem Play Store credits.

Other than this, the app pays. Just make sure that if you’re using your PayPal email, you type in the RIGHT ONE. Don’t get it confused for your iCloud email if you’re an iOS user because they’ll credit you to the email you enter. Putting in the wrong one means that your payments will be missed and there’s no support:

PayPal problem with the app.

But let’s talk about the two main drawbacks first.

How does it work?

First of all, the app requires your location to give your surveys.

A lot of people don’t care, but for the minority who value their privacy, you may not be happy to hear that the app monitors your GPS to see where you’ve been.

Based on this, they assign you surveys to review your recent experiences at various shopping centers, restaurants, malls, etc. On one hand, you can think of it as a “follow up review” survey for the places you’ve been recently.

But on the other, you’re giving away your location to a variety of advertisers. Nothing is free in the world, friend.

And the second gripe- there are very few surveys to take. Maybe this is just me being a hermit and staying home all day, but you have to go out and do things to get surveys to take. If you stay home all day or spend most of your time in a few locations, you probably won’t get that many surveys.

For example, you wake up, go to work, stop at your favorite coffee shop, go back to work, then come home. Repeat that 5x a week. You’ll probably get just a few surveys monthly. Hardly anything to write home about.

But if you go out a lot and are a social butterfly (not required), you’ll likely have more survey opportunities available.

For example, you like to eat out at different restaurants, visit malls on weekends, go to national parks, visit your favorite museums, and pretty much explore anything and everything. This will net you a bunch of surveys asking you to rate your recent experience.

There aren’t that many survey opportunities

I don’t know how accurate the app is- like if it actually KNOWS you spent money/time at a specific commercial area. Or if you all you need to do is go nearby the target location for it to credit you with a survey. I don’t go out enough to know.

All I can say is that I spend 99% of my time at home, other than a few excursions for necessities here and there. Then back to the cave it is.

And because of this, I’ve only had maybe 2-3 surveys in a period of 8 months. That’s pretty terrible. Even with the $2 cash-out amount, I may take quite some time to reach it and get my reward money.

There are also surveys for those who don’t go out. Don’t get me wrong.

There are some opportunities where the app will send you a “general” survey which I think applies to all audiences or people in a specific state or city.

Who knows what Google’s targeting features are on the advertiser side of the app. I just didn’t bother to check because I didn’t want to adjust my lifestyle around an app that forces me to go out to get more surveys.

That’d be wasting time and money unnecessarily, which destroys the purpose of Google Opinion Rewards.

According to SOME recent reviews I read on the Play Store, you may need to actually make a purchase for the app to send you a survey:

Google Opinion Rewards may require you to purchase goods to get more surveys.

And you can see that the app’s lack of surveys is a common complaint amongst users:

The app doesn't give you a lot surveys.
Some people hardly ever get enough surveys to take.

How much can I earn from Google Opinion Rewards?

When you receive an actual survey, you have a limited time to take it. The interface is just like any other survey app (SurveyMonkey Rewards, Qualtrics, TypeForm, etc.) It works. And there’s no real difficulty to it.

You can expect the usual run of the mill questions:

  • Multiple selection
  • Radio buttons
  • Single selection
  • Free text fields

There’s no learning curve and it’s easy to use even for someone new to survey apps.

There are rarely any surveys that take a long time.

Most of them are short and sweet with just a few questions that’ll make you less than a minute to answer.

On average, you can expect $0.20 per survey since they’re so easy. The survey time only spans for a few minutes, and most can be completed in less than 1-2 minutes.

But after you take one, you can expect another one to show up within 2-3 weeks. It’s not consistent at all and this is the worst part about the app. Other complaints include that your credit suddenly disappear, which seems to plague a small portion of users.

One option is to enable the GPS and have it turned on the entire time. If you do this, you can expect 24/7 monitoring of your location (not that phones don’t already do this).

Plus, the additional battery drain you have to deal with. There’s no good reason to enable this feature unless you’re on a road trip and stopping all over the place.

How do I get more surveys on Google rewards?

One of the biggest complaints about the app is that there are very few surveys to actually take. If you scour the reviews, there’s a bunch of people leaving 1-star reviews all asking the same question:

Why don’t I get surveys from Google Opinion Rewards?

There’s no real way to rack up more surveys other than to:

  • Enable location tracking (turn it to “always allow”)
  • Go to a bunch of random shops, restaurants, etc.

That’s about all you can do to raise your chances of getting more surveys to take from what I know.

You need to go places and do things so the GPS can pick up your history and serve you surveys. Kind of like what this person says:

How to get more surveys on Google Opinion Rewards app.
That’s what the GPS is for.

The supply of surveys also depends on what companies are advertising, where they’re targeting, and the number of companies buying these surveys for people to take.

Again, if you stay home a lot or go to the same places frequently, you’re probably exhausted out of survey opportunities. But if you go out often to new places, then you’ll likely get more surveys to take.

The actual behind the scenes logic for how many surveys you get is more complicated than a mere user can explain.

Is Google Opinion Rewards legitimate?

Google Opinion Rewards is a legit app that pays you in PayPal cash or Play Store credits, depending on your mobile device.

The threshold is very low at just $2, but you do need to spend some time and have some (or a lot of) patience to build up your credits to cash out.

With the slow influx of available surveys, you won’t be getting rich anytime soon.

Is it free?

Yes, it’s completely free to use and there are no ads. There’s also no “tier” or “premium” version. Everyone gets the same app.

But the number of surveys you get will vary depending on where you go, where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and what you’ve bought.

And the GPS location seems to be the only way to adjust this by the end-user (you). I’m sure there’s a much more complicated algorithm that runs in the background that probably even tracks your credit card purchases and somehow links it to your account.

You’d be surprised at what advertising tracking knows about you. But for us casual folk, that’s over our heads.

Is it worth it?

Google Opinion Rewards can be worth it only if you don’t expect to make any money quickly.

Some people have earned some decent beer money with the app over an extended period:

Google Opinion Rewards can earn you some decent beer money.
Google Opinion Rewards pay.

But the number of people complaining that there are no surveys to take seems to outweigh them.

Perhaps this is the balance of people that go out vs. the ones that stay home?

Regardless, the surveys are super easy and fast when you get them. And you’ll get a notification on your phone to let you know there’s a survey available.

So I don’t see the harm in just having the app on your phone and racking up those dollars. Slowly.

Also, GPS tracking. Don’t leave it on all the time, especially if you don’t go out or you’re staying in the same places all the time.

You’re just draining your battery for nothing. You only need tracking if you’re moving from place to place or out shopping at a bunch of different locations.

Overall thoughts

Google Opinion Rewards is a decent app that pays, but you won’t be making money quickly with it.

The number of surveys is lackluster and each survey has a very low payment amount on average.

However, they’re very easy and short, so your time is valued and you don’t feel like you wasted anything. Survey credits are given automatically and there’s no delay.

The minimum threshold is just $2 by PayPal for iOS and Play Store gift cards for Android users.

Even with the minimal amount of surveys you get, there’s no harm in keeping this app on your phone just for the off-chance that you’re bored and survey crops up. Just watch the GPS. Turn it on when necessary.

And cross your fingers that you’ll get a notification for new available surveys.

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