Press Play Slots Review – Legit? Worth the Time? (2020)

Press Play Slots is the second mobile app released by PressPlay. It’s an app that allows you to earn money through a randomized slot machine on a daily basis.

At the time of this writing, the game is currently in beta, which only lets you “level up” to 16 and then the game practically stops.

However, you can still some petty beer money until they launch the full game.

Note that this review is for the CURRENT state of the game, which pays poorly. After they release the full game, the earning potential may jump up and this review will be updated.

Also note: When you hit level 16 or so, you can’t play anymore until the next round of levels are released. The levels are just background pictures, but this brings you earnings to $0 as you wait for the next update.


  • Type: Mobile app
  • Platforms: iOS (no Android)
  • Price: Free (with ads)
  • Registration required: Yes (email, phone verification, Apple ID)
  • Earning potential: $0-$750 per month
  • Realistic earning average: $5-$20 per month
  • Time commitment: 1-30 minutes per day
  • Estimated earnings per hour: $2 per hour
  • Download the app
  • See the official page


  • Legit app that pays
  • Doesn’t require any microtransactions
  • $25/day potential


  • Depends on a random algorithm that can take a long time to earn
  • You need to hit the right symbols TWICE to play a game with a potential to earn
  • Top places on the leaderboard are way above the averages- integrity issues?
  • Requires a lot of personal information to withdraw earnings, though some of it is required by law
  • Beta version locks you out after hitting level 16 and brings earnings to $0

Overall score: 3/10 (Poor)

Press Play Slots relies heavily on a randomized algorithm that can require a lot of time to make small amounts of cash. There are more lucrative ways to spend your time rather than chancing it for minuscule earnings.

Other notes: Again, the game is in beta. I expect prizes to jump up after they get a larger playerbase.

How much can you make with Press Play Slots?

Press Play Slots user review.
A review of the typical amount you’ll make with this app.

Press Play Slots allows you to make up to $25 a day if you hit the first spot on the leaderboard.

Realistically, you’re not going to get first place on a daily basis unless you have crazy reflexes. The way the game works is you spin a slot machine over and over until you land on a bonus game by lining up three of the right symbols.

This then launches ANOTHER slot wheel that gives you a randomized choice of three possible options:

  • Play a round of Orbz (the main way to make money)
  • A raffle ticket for Press Play (their other game- I guess the two apps talk to each other)
  • Coins (to continue spinning slots)

So technically, you can’t just make money by playing the slot machine all day. The app makes you FIRST land on the right combination of symbols. THEN you have to land on the Orbz game.

How does the game work?

Orbz is currently the only way to make money with Press Play Slots. It’s a minigame within the game where you have to press randomly colored circles on your screen.

Different colors have different point values. There’s also a multiplier to double your score for a period of time. And there’s a score bonus. There are also negative circles that subtract from your overall score.

You have to press as many circles as you can before the time’s up. Then your score is put on the global leaderboard compared to others. The leaderboard has a ranking system, with first-place getting a cool $25 and then decreasing from there.

Realistically, you’ll probably earn $1-$2 per day with this app. And it does take up time because you need to keep playing the slot machine until you score a bonus game and play Orbz.

Sometimes you’ll hit the Orbz game on your first try. Other times, you’ll be spinning for 20 minutes and get nothing. So it can be worth your time or it can be a waste.

Press Play Slots legit?
This is Orbz. You press on the colored sphered to earn points. (Via App Store.)

One thing to note is that Press Play Slots forces you to allow access to your location. I guess this allows them to serve you targeted ads, since the game is fully supported by ad revenue. They make money by showing ads randomly when you’re playing the slot machine. And you can choose to watch an ad for more coins, which is necessary to continue playing the slots.

Each day, you start with 2,000 coins. You can only place a bet of 100 coins per spin, so basically you get 20 free spins daily. When you run out of coins, you have to wait a few hours for it to “release” more coins or you can instantly release them by watching an ad.

There are also “levels” which don’t grant you any powers or make the game any faster. You can’t earn more just by leveling up.

As far as I know, the levels do nothing other than change the background scenery from a beach, ship, and more random generic places. But you’re not playing it for the scenery- you’re playing to make money.

You can also collect artifacts that are added to your collection. There are over 500 of them in the beta, but again, these do nothing just like the levels and background. They don’t help you make more money nor bump up your chances of winning anything.

The leaderboard resets daily and technically you can win $25 per day if you hit first place every day. This isn’t realistic because the player base is growing and there are plenty of people who are quite fast with their fingers.

Orbz is all about being fast and accurate and I wouldn’t be surprised if people are gaming the system somehow since some of those first-place scores are crazy.

You can land on Orbz multiple times per day, but it doesn’t add up your score. Only your highest score for the day goes on the leaderboard.

Redeeming your prize

Similar to their other game, Press Play – Big Cash Prizes, you can cash out for a written check at $25. Or if you’re under the threshold, you can redeem for a gift card.

You’ll have to scan your driver’s license for age verification no matter how much you earn, so that may be a dealbreaker for privacy-focused players.

Additionally, you’ll have to fill out a tax form that includes your SSN, address, DOB, etc. if you make over $600.

These two requirements alone definitely make people suspicious. However, the IRS does require a 1099 form for earnings over $600, so the company is trying to stay compliant.

Is it free?

Yes, Press Play Slots is touted to be the developer’s first app that’s fully supported by ad revenue.

Unlike their first game, there aren’t huge prizes like the $10,000 monthly prize or $1,000 weekly prize. I guess they’re allocating all their capital funding to their first game and using it as a funnel to advertise their second game- given that there’s already an ad for Press Play Slots on their former game.

However, it doesn’t cost you anything to play for the chance to earn some “free cash.”

Is it legit?

The game is legit and pays you in gift cards or a check. Though the dollars earned per hour is low, you’ll still be paid regardless.

The company behind this app (Press Play Inc) is responsible for Press Play – Big Cash Prizes, which is a “real” and “legit” app that earns you cash for playing.

I’d be surprised if they released one legit app and one scam app after they’ve built up a positive reputation.

Is it worth it?

As of now, the game’s still in beta and the earnings are extremely low. There’s also a huge time sink if you can’t hit the Orbz game quickly because you’ll be spinning the machine for a long time because of the randomness of it. This is the kind of stuff that I hate. You keep playing with a random chance of earning a random amount.

Perhaps in the future as more people play and the developers earn more ad revenue, the game will be more worth it.

A user review of Press Play Slots.
$1-2 a day ain’t hard. But there’s not much else to do for now.
Press Play app review.
When the full game comes out, there should be more chances to earn.

But in its current state, I wouldn’t suggest playing it and it’s hardly worth your time. You could probably find $1 on the street faster than it takes you to hit the bonus game.

Overall thoughts

Press Play Slots won’t be worth the time required for most people because of the randomness of the app combined with the average of only making $1-$2 a day. In its current state, the prizes are small but I expect them to jump up when more people play.

However, if you’re bored or you really have time to kill, you can make some easy money with the app.

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