Legit Work From Home Job Opportunities (May 2023)

Sell in May and go away?

While that may or may not be true for the stock market, it doesn’t mean anything for job hunters.

This page will be updated throughout the week as new work from home job opportunities are discovered.

Every job listing is personally vetted to ensure that it’s legit in order to make the list.

But even as thorough as I can be, some unforeseen, low quality work may slip through the cracks. If you find any, please let me know and I’ll remove it ASAP.

I am not paid for these listings nor are they sponsored. There are also no affiliate links.

They’re just literal, legit, WFH opportunities for the people. By the person. For the person.

BTW, if you know of any good WFH job leads, post a comment and I’ll check it out.

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Happy WFH hunting!

5/8 – Stride (Customer Care/Tech Support, Level 1)

Stride is hiring remote workers for a CS position. Stride is a personalized learning company.

You’ll be responsible for resolving technical issues. You’ll also provide customer service through phone, web, or live chat. Plus email.

For difficult issues, you may need to escalate them with urgency.

Customers are students and parents that are users of the platform.

Technical issues will often include login, start up, hardware damage, viruses, app support, and the suite of learnings systems.

You may also order or replace equipment. There are no supervisory responsibilities.

Pay: $16.50/hour.

Requirements: Tech savvy, HS diploma OR pursuing BS/BA/MS/MA degree OR equivalent combination of education and experience.

Skills: Tech savvy, CS experience, verbal/written communication skills, phone/email experience, professional demeanor, MS Office proficiency, MS OS experience, web-based apps experience.

Equipment: Webcam, smartphone, quiet work environment, reliable internet (wired?).

Expected hours per week: 40 hours.

  • Max pay potential per month: ~$2640.
  • Pay average per month (based on reviews): ~$2400.
  • Language: English.
  • Location: US.

Overall thoughts

You’ll be working students and their parents responding to technical issues with K12 software, hardware, and networking systems. Most of the support will be through the phone. You should be able to handle high volume calls, provide advice, assist customers with SOPs, using ticketing/CRM software, and more.

This is a legit WFH position for a company that’s well established in the remote learning space. So the requirements are a bit more strict than other positions.

But if you enjoy the industry, try out Stride. You’ll be helping students learn. I mean, it really stands out from regular CS because of the impact you’ll be making, right?

Apply here.

5/7 – World Travel Holdings (Customer Care Reps)

This position is a good entry level position for those new to customer service. If you like travel, you may want to check out this job opportunity with World Travel Holdings (WTH).

They’re currently hiring CS reps for inbound calls from customers. This means you handle the call influx from their customers that have questions or issues that need resolving. Pretty simple stuff.

If you’ve done any kind of online support, this is no different other than it’s a travel industry position.

The nice part about this gig is that they provide the equipment. So you don’t need to shell out your own cash for gear.

Pay: $14/hour base. This can be increased if your state pays more.

Requirements: Tech savvy, good communication, ability to multitask, dedicated workspace, receptive, dexterous, and willing to learn.

Skills: You’ll be trained by their team, so be ready to absorb all that info like a sponge. This job also requires internet with at least 5 up/10 down speeds. This is entry level work, so you don’t need experience with CS.

Equipment: Equipment is provided for remote work (PC + headset).

Expected hours per week: 35-45 based on needs. They do have some schedule requirements such as scheduled training, shift-bids, and post training. You won’t have days off in a row.

  • Max pay potential per month: ~$3000.
  • Min pay per month: ~$1960.
  • Pay average per month (based on reviews): ~$2720.
  • Language: English.
  • Location: US. (They don’t hire in AK, CA, HI, KY, ND, OH, OR, and PA.)

Overall thoughts

This is a good WFH job for those without experience. They offer paid training, incentives, benefits package, and even discounted travel!

Their job description says you’ll be taking 2-3 calls per hour, so the volume is a lot lower than other similar positions. But that means more dedicated service quality per customer. You’ll b dealing with things like changing reservations, following SOPs, meeting goals, working with chats/emails/phone, working with teams online, etc.

Check the full details here.

5/5 – Vimeo (Support Specialist II)

If you’ve ever used YouTube, Vimeo is a direct competitor. How would it feel to work for one the largest VOD platforms on the planet? (The pay is up there too).

They’re hiring for a Support Specialist position which is completely remote!

Pay: $54,000/year (about $26/hour).

Requirements: You’ll need to have experience with CS. They require 2 years experience with customer service working with a variety of online tools/platforms (Zendesk).

Skills: You’ll need to be very tech savvy. You’ll be working with ticket queues, documenting, improving the products, tracking/reporting, run point on outages, troubleshooting complex issues, understand how video delivery works, familiarity with technical concepts, good written/spoken communication skills, familiarity with tickets/phone/chat support.

Equipment: You’ll need to have a decent computer, headset w/ mic, and a stable Internet connection. Having dual monitors with plenty of screen space would likely be ideal for this position IMO.

Expected hours per week: 40 or more. You’ll be working Sunday to Thursday or Tuesday to Saturday. One weekend day is needed.

  • Max pay potential per month: $6500.
  • Min pay per month: $4500.
  • Pay average per month (based on reviews): $5000.
  • Language: English.
  • Location: US.

Overall thoughts

Vimeo is a video platform with over 300M unique users. It’s based in NY. They offer full benefits with a wide range of perks. They also include commission for some positions. This is a prestigious, top-notch WFH position. So don’t expect it to be easy where you can screw around like many of these other positions. You’ll be doing real work!

If you’re interested, apply here.

5/1Telus Ad Rater

As usual, we need to start off with our monthly Telus post. This is to bring awareness for those who are just jumping into their online search for the perfect remote gig.

Telus International is hiring workers in the US for ad rating. This is basically robotic tasks where you’ll provide feedback on search engine results, websites, images, videos, and other content.

Pay: $14/hour.

Requirements: No degrees required other than your HS diploma (which they do require you to upload). They also require that you’ve been in the US for 5 years, which is most of you. You should also know basic current events happening in the online space (memes, trends, colloquial words, etc.)

Skills: Having moderate internet skills and being tech savvy is highly recommended because they have a difficult exam you must pass to get hired.

Equipment: Equipment isn’t provided, but you’ll only need a basic computer with a reliable connection to do the tasks.

Expected hours per week: 10-28 hours. But sometimes they have extra hours available if they have a lot of tasks.

  • Max pay potential per month: $1568.
  • Min pay per month: $560.
  • Pay average per month (based on reviews): $1000.
  • Language: English.
  • Location: US.

Overall thoughts

Telus is a well-known AI company in the online space. With the advent of AI taking over, the ability to secure a job is probably diminished. The work is pretty boring and routine, but if you enjoy that, it’s easy money while you’re online. They also increase pay if your state’s minimum wage is higher than their base pay (like CA).

But recent reports say that they just outright not hire for states with high minimum wage. So you may have some trouble if you’re in CA or NY.

Recently, there have been a batch of new tasks on the platform, so there’s been plenty of work available. They’ve even offered bonus hours up to 35 hours per week rather than their standard 20.

If you’re always on the PC, this is a perfect way to supplement your income. No way it’ll replace a full time income, but part time is all good. You set your own hours, but there may not always be work available (“NTA”).

It’s an easy 1K per month in your spare time.

Regardless, Telus is one of the most popular WFH PT work on the Internet. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for a legit, WFH position.

There are multiple positions on their job portal. If you’re in the US, look for US Rater 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, or 1.4. They’re all the same job position. The difference is that some are W2 while others are 1099 (independent contractor). W2 is obviously the preferred choice.

Apply here.

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