Legit Work From Home Job Opportunities (April 2023)

April showers brings May flowers. Welcome to another month of WFH job postings!

This page will be updated throughout the week as new work from home job opportunities are discovered.

Every job listing is personally vetted to ensure that it’s legit in order to make the list.

But even as thorough as I can be, some unforeseen, low quality work may slip through the cracks. If you find any, please let me know and I’ll remove it ASAP.

I am not paid for these listings nor are they sponsored. There are also no affiliate links.

They’re just literal, legit, WFH opportunities for the people. By the person.

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Customer Service Specialist – Direct Interactions

Direct Interactions is hiring for a CS position. This is a third-party company that provides services for clients within various contact centers nationwide.

The job is your standard CS work. You’ll be processing insurance claims, answering calls, helping resolve customers issues, and working with multiple tasks at the same time. It’s your standard WFH CS position.

You’ll be a W2 employee so you get PTO.

Pay: $15 per hour paid biweekly.

Requirements: GED, current resident in the US, background check. No CA or NY residents.

Skills: Tech savvy, proficient with Excel, Word, Outlook MS products, able to use a computer efficiently, experience with online environments, 30 WPM, attention to detail, CS experience with escalated situations.

Equipment: USB headset with noise cancelling (no 3.5mm headsets), newer smartphone (within past 3 years), high speed ethernet connection, Windows 10 or higher with at least 8GB RAM and 2.00GHz, no WiFi connections (only wired), secondary monitor recommended

Expected hours per week: 20 hours.

  • Max pay potential per month: Varies.
  • Min pay per month: $1400 (based on $15/h at 20h/week).
  • Pay average per month (based on reviews): $1000
  • Language: English.
  • Location: US (No CA or NY).

Overall thoughts

It’s your standard run of the mill CS WFH job. If you’ve been in this industry before, you know that you’ll need thick skin to deal with unruly customers.

On the other hand, it does provide you with at least 20 hours per week at a decent wage. You’re also a W2 employee so you get PTO accrual.

Reviews for this company are mixed. But if you’re interested and you’ve got the gear, it’s worth a shot. They do require some degree of experience in CS, so if you’re green, you may want to look elsewhere. CS can be very hard on newbies.


Wayfair WFH Customer Service Rep

You probably know what Wayfair is, so I’ll spare you the description. For those unaware, it’s basically a huge online department store in the likes of Amazon. This job position requires you to help customers by phone.

You’ll be answering questions about shipping, damages, returns, replacements, and other common questions. If you’ve done any type of CS job, this is pretty much the same.

You’ll be handling upwards of 60 calls per shift. This is a fast paced job and will require you to talk on the phone, chat, email, etc. Wayfair uses multipole tools to get customer issues solved, so you’ll need to be quick, efficient, and tech-savvy.

Pay: $15 per hour with COL adjustments.

Requirements: 18 years or older with GED.

Skills: Tech-savvy with ability to talk sympathetically to customers and help de-escalate their issues. Find solutions to their problems. Analytical. Required training.

Equipment: Computer modem hardwired with at least 25Mbps (NoWiFi). Quite workspace. Knowledge of Windows OS and other basic tools. This is pretty standard.

Expected hours per week: Varies.

  • Max pay potential per month: Varies.
  • Min pay per month: $2400 (based on $15/h at 40h/week).
  • Pay average per month (based on reviews): $2000-3000.
  • Language: English.
  • Location: US (Limited to: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin).

Overall thoughts

This WFH job is pretty standard. For anyone who’s done CS at home, it’s a very fast paced job with nonstop calls during peak hours. The pay is decent and they offer quarterly bonusses up to $2,000. They also adjust tenure based increases as well.

Wayfair does offer VERY nice benefits, including your standard PTO, holiday, insurance, holidays, and 401(k) with 4% match. There’s also an employee discount.

Overall, not a bad gig if you need some extra income and don’t mind phone calls.



ModSquad is a popular platform for online moderators. These are basically the peeps that’ll censor inappropriate langue, pictures, videos, and everything else you may come across online.

ModSquad works with top tier brands in the US. If you’re tech-savvy with excellent Internet knowledge, this may be good for you. You’ll need to be familiar with common memes, trends, and what’s considered appropriate. Online and RL are very different when it comes to moderation…

Pay: $20-40 per hour. Usually generous and well above minimum wage.

Requirements : BS degree. Good written/verbal skills. Detail oriented. Critical thinker. Works well with data. 1 year of IP-based network admin. 1 year of Linux sysadmin. 1 year of network management with NMS tools.

Skills: Tech-savvy with plenty of attention to detail.

Equipment: Dedicated laptop or PC with W10 or higher. Good headset.

Expected hours per week: Varies.

  • Max pay potential per month: $4000+.
  • Min pay per month: $1920 (based on $12/h at 40h/week).
  • Pay average per month (based on reviews): $2000-3000 (varies widely).
  • Language: English.
  • Location: US.

Overall thoughts

ModSquad is extremely picky about who they hire. They can take a long time to reply to your online application, so don’t put all your eggs in this company. If you do get hired, this is one of the highest paying WFH jobs on the market.

They offer self scheduling with fully WFH positions. The hourly rates are competitive with paid training. They have over 10,00 mods that chat with customers, moderate web content, forums, or social media with huge clients. Mods work all over the world in over 50 different languages.


Working Solutions

Working Solutions is now hiring Response Specialists that are bilingual in both French and English for customer support positions. This position is available for anyone in the US (excluding NY, CA, PA, and WA). Canadians can also get in on this offer. It’s basically bilingual customer support.

Pay: Up to $19/hour.

Requirements: CS experience through phone, email, or live chat. Good verbal/written skills. Careful attention to detail. Friendly and warm. Self motivated. Tech savvy. Quiet work space.

Skills: History of customer service work seems to be their main picking point.

Equipment: You’ll need a PC, 10MBPs WIRED connection (no WiFi), Windows 10/11, wired USB headset w/ mic, virus protection.

Expected hours per week: 15-40 hours. You’re allowed to choose your own schedule and pick the hours that work for you.

  • Max pay potential per month: $3040+.
  • Min pay per month: $1920 (based on $12/h at 40h/week).
  • Pay average per month (based on reviews): $2000 (varies widely).
  • Language: English, French.
  • Location: US, CAN.

Overall thoughts

This is a solid company to work for, especially if you’re not afraid of getting on camera to help people. They have a variety of tasks to choose from so you can apply for what suits your skills.

This is an actual CS job where you’ll be required to communicate upset customers. So make sure you know what you’re getting into. If you don’t have thick skin, this may not be for you.


Telus Ad Rater

Telus International is hiring workers in the US for ad rating. This is basically robotic tasks where you’ll provide feedback on search engine results, websites, images, videos, and other content.

Pay: $14/hour.

Requirements: No degrees required other than your HS diploma (which they do require you to upload). They also require that you’ve been in the US for 5 years, which is most of you. You should also know basic current events happening in the online space (memes, trends, colloquial words, etc.)

Skills: Having moderate internet skills and being tech savvy is highly recommended because they have a difficult exam you must pass to get hired.

Equipment: Equipment isn’t provided, but you’ll only need a basic computer with a reliable connection to do the tasks.

Expected hours per week: 10-28 hours. But sometimes they have extra hours available if they have a lot of tasks.

  • Max pay potential per month: $1568.
  • Min pay per month: $560.
  • Pay average per month (based on reviews): $1000.
  • Language: English.
  • Location: US.

Overall thoughts

Telus is a well-known AI company in the online space. With the advent of AI taking over, the ability to secure a job is probably diminished. The work is pretty boring and routine, but if you enjoy that, it’s easy money while you’re online. They also increase pay if your state’s minimum wage is higher than their base pay (like CA).

If you’re always on the PC, this is a perfect way to supplement your income. No way it’ll replace a full time income, but part time is all good. You set your own hours, but there may not always be work available (“NTA”).

Regardless, Telus is one of the most popular WFH PT work on the Internet. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for a legit, WFH position.

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