Is Dice Royale Legit? Ultimate Review (2020)

So, Dice Royale has had a long history behind it. You’ve probably seen their ads rehashed over and over.

When you look at the app page, the app currently stands at a praiseworthy 4.8/5 stars backed by 81K ratings. Sounds good and legit on the surface, right?

Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but reviews are only skin deep.

Let’s dive in and see if Dice Royale is legit. And don’t be surprised at an app that guarantees you’ll “feel like a mogul.” No sir.


  • Type: Mobile app
  • Platforms: iOS and Android (removed)
  • Price: Free (with ads)
  • Registration required: Yes (email, phone verification, Apple ID)
  • Earning potential: $0-$1,000 per month
  • Realistic earning average: $0 per month
  • Time commitment: 14 minutes per day
  • Estimated earnings per hour: $0 per hour
  • Download the app: iOS or Android (removed)
  • See the official page


  • It’s free to play
  • You may be one of very select few that can actually cash out


  • Algorithm is rigged
  • Players stuck right below the $10 cash out minimum
  • No customer support
  • Suspected fake reviews

Overall score: 1/10 (garbage)

Definitely NOT worth the time invested. Too many complaints from players being scammed, stuck right below the payment threshold of $10, failing verification, no customer support, or otherwise denied payment. The game is not random and the algorithm is rigged to avoid payout. Dice Royale has also been removed from Google Play, probably because of similar reasons.

What’s Dice Royale?

So the app is a “game” where you basically roll dice. Pre-programmed dice.

This is FAR from being random as it’s a virtual dice roll every single time with layers of complex algorithms running behind the scenes. The game may seem like you’re just rolling random dice that land on random digits, but that’s far from the truth.

You’ve probably seen their ads. They show clips of people playing the game and showing off tons of their cash that they supposedly won from this app.

But if you look closely, you can clearly see that they just grabbed footage from some source (probably other people’s videos) and splice them together like a high schooler’s video editing. It’s very poorly made and they attempt to time the reactions of the players to the huge amounts of fake cash they’re winning.

There are also multiple versions of the ads. They all follow the same formula. They reuse the same scenes over and over again. But who cares about the ads, especially if they’re obviously fake?

How do you play Dice Royale?

Basically, the game has you roll a dice on a gameboard.

A single, large die sits in the middle of the board. It rolls a “random” number and your game piece moves around the perimeter.

Depending on the space you land on, you have the potential to earn cash. There are also other minigames like spinning a wheel or smashing an egg. All of these are the same thing pretty much. They offer you a small chance of earning some cash, but it’s far from being random.

Here’s why:

The minimum to withdraw your earnings is $10. When you first download Dice Royale, you’ll quickly earn your first few dollars like nothing. You’ll probably think this is legit and awesome and be surprised at how fast you can pick up money.

Once you get near the $10 mark, all of a sudden the game just gets “harder.” You no longer land on the winning spaces. The wheel never earns you any cash. The egg is useless.

You basically get stuck right below the minimum cashout threshold and can never progress.

You’ll earn anywhere from $1-$9 very quickly. But then you’ll spend months stuck at $9.20, $9.36, or $9.99- never being able to get that last roll to cash out and redeem your prize.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look for yourself at the most recent reviews for Dice Royale. The game is far from being legit. The algos are NOT random. They’re programmed to never (or rarely) pay out the closer you get to $10.

Of course, they HAVE to pay some players to keep the positive reviews and for testimonials.

So here and there, a few people will reach the $10 threshold and be able to cash out. Maybe everyone can, but the percentage is fixed. You could be playing for a year and still be stuck right below $10. That’s a huge waste of time. And that’s why this is a problem.

Their app description says “welcome to Dice Royale, where you’re GUARANTEED to feel like a mogul.” Just that should ring bells and set off all sorts of alerts in your head. Do you actually believe it? Who’s that naive?

It also says “now’s your chance to become a millionaire!”

Dice Royale review.
Right. If it were that easy.

Yeah, okay. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. Do you honestly think you’ll become a millionaire mogul from playing a free app you downloaded online?

Well, maybe you can. But chances are you have better chances of winning the lotto. If YOU can become a millionaire from playing some random app, then that must mean the developers are rolling in it to be able to put out a million bucks.

If they made that much money and could support paying people off, you’d expect people to be able to redeem 10 bucks. There’s no logic needed here. Your scam radar should be screaming at you. And if you believe it for one sec, you need to calibrate it. #sorrynotsorry

So, does this mean you can’t win anything on Dice Royale?

Well, there are people who have withdrawn.

Some even multiple times. Others reported that they got their cash once, but were never able to do it again. Who knows. The developers could be changing up the formula to keep people guessing.

Does Dice Royale really pay?

Dice Royale does pay, but you’ll have a hard time getting to the threshold for minimum payment. That’s the main problem with the app- getting PAID.

There’s a very small percentage of people who roll their dice and get above $10 so they can redeem their prize.

Most people will be stuck under $9.99. Frustrated. With little chance of ever redeeming their hard-earned cash.

So technically, it does pay. But not everyone will be paid. It’s not worth the time it needs. You’re better off spending that on something that actually pays, like Press Play Slots or the OG version.

What happened to Dice Royale?

You may notice that the game is no longer available for Google Play when you try to access it. Right now, it’s only available on iPhones.

That’s because it was removed, probably from player reports of a scam app. This seems to be intermittent, and some countries are affected while others aren’t.

Regardless, that just goes to show that the game received a lot of complaints or violated some rules, so it was removed/deleted. No legit app would do that, unless it was being shut down.

Maybe soon it’ll be gone on iOS also.

Look at their advertisement on their home page. The grammar itself should be a clear sign of a shady app:

Dice Royale legit?
Oh man. I can’t wait to get my “simple, fast, rolling” on!

Is Dice Royale legit?

No, this app is more on the shady side.

With tons of people complaining that they can never cash out their earnings, there’s no point to waste your time rolling a die that’ll never amount to anything.

Other reports include players saying that customer support is not responsive, denied payment, verification problems, or simply being stuck right below the payment threshold. I wouldn’t recommend this app.

You may be wondering why it has such a glowing score (4.8/5) on the iOS Store. (I didn’t bother to check the Google Play Store but I assume it’ll be a similar story.)

This is simple: Fake reviews. Developers can buy reviews to keep their average score up and also drown out the negative ones. But if you just skim through the recent reviews, a lot of negative ones will take up the real estate.

These are the truth:

dice royale fake reviews Is Dice Royale Legit? Ultimate Review (2020)
dice royale review 3 Is Dice Royale Legit? Ultimate Review (2020)
dice royale doesnt pay Is Dice Royale Legit? Ultimate Review (2020)
dice royale review 1 Is Dice Royale Legit? Ultimate Review (2020)
dice royale review 2 Is Dice Royale Legit? Ultimate Review (2020)

And of course, NO response from the developers.

Is it free?

Yes, it’s free and supported by ads.

There are a ton of them that you’re forced to watch if you want to play. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the developers are collecting a ton of cash and not paying the players back. This is scamming in action.

Is it worth your time?

No, Dice Royale is hardly worth the time commitment.

The game’s dice algo is not random and you’ll waste time rolling dice that never reach the $10 amount.

So basically, you’re just wasting your time rolling for nothing and watching ads, which is making someone ELSE money. How do you like working for free?

Overall review

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. While it DOES pay, the number of people that it pays is next to nothing.

Dice Royale is nothing but an illegitimate scam that will NOT pay the majority of its players.

Only a small percentage of people actually win anything, but that’s not enough confidence for me to continue putting time into something that is biased against cashing out. Spend your time elsewhere.

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