Surveys On The Go Review – Earn Money in Your Downtime (2020)

Surveys On The Go is a survey app that pays a decent rate, but does have its own set of problems.

Regardless, it’s still worth having on your phone just to snag the surveys as they become available for multiple reasons:

  • They pay by PayPal
  • There’s a $10 minimum for cash out
  • The surveys pay even if you get disqualified

Let’s get into this complete review of Surveys On The Go.


  • Type: Mobile app
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free
  • Registration required: Yes
  • Earning potential: $0-$20+ per month
  • Realistic earning average: $1-$6 per month
  • Time commitment: 20 minutes per week
  • Estimated earnings per hour: $3 per hour
  • Download the app: Android, iOS
  • See the official page


  • Pays by PayPal
  • High paying surveys
  • Pays even if you disqualify


  • 1-2 surveys a week
  • Disqualifications common

Overall score: 7/10 (Decent)

Surveys On The Go is a survey app worth keeping on your phone. Although the surveys are far and few in between, they’re decently paying when you complete one. The app cashes out at $10 and pays by PayPal.

What is Surveys On The Go?

Surveys On The Go download page.
This is a legit survey app, though you won’t be making bank.

Surveys On The Go is a mobile survey app that provides you a way of offering your thoughts and opinions that you can redeem for cold, hard, cash.

Well, not physical cash.

Similar to any other survey app like Qmee, Survey Junkie, QuickThoughts, Surveys On The Go is nothing special.

The premise is the same: You’re notified of a new survey. You take it. And you get paid.

There are dozens (maybe even hundreds) of survey apps out there.

What it really comes down to is choosing the right app that has high-paying surveys that you can take without having to wait for the next one to show up. That’d be the dream.

Sadly, Surveys On The Go’s major downfall is that there are hardly any surveys and you’ll be waiting to get that “new survey” notification on your phone.

So it’s not something you can grind out on a daily basis for side hustlers.

How does it work?

Surveys On The Go works similarly to Google Opinion and SurveyMonkey Rewards where you get an alert when a new survey becomes available.

You can’t log in and find a bunch of surveys to choose from. But rather, you just keep the app on your phone and get a notification on your phone. You then take the survey.

Each survey consists of a few different data collection methods:

  • Multiple choice
  • Radio buttons
  • Dropdown menus
  • Freetext
  • Sliders

You do the survey and get paid. That’s it. There’s nothing hard about it. I’m sure most of you already know this, but I wanted to be fair for the newbies jumping on the beer money bandwagon.

How do you get paid?

Surveys On The Go pays you when you hit the minimum cash out threshold of $10. Compared to other apps, this is pretty much standard.

Not too high where it takes forever to reach and discourages you (and lets them run with your money). And not too low where you can withdraw your cash daily.

You can withdraw your earnings to redeem cash or virtual gift cards.

Here are all the different things you can earn:

  • PayPal cash
  • Virtual Visa cash
  • Amazon gift card
  • Starbucks gift card

That’s it. Plain and simple. Just hit the minimum of $10 and you can cash out. The process is simple: you just hit the $10 mark and then request to cash out.

You choose how you want to get your earnings and you get an email specifying the directions to cash out. It’s fast and automated.

How often do you get surveys?

This depends on surveyor demand.

You’ll get dry periods where you only have a few surveys per month.

Other times, you’ll get a few per week.

While it looks like there’s rhyme or reason, but I’m pretty sure seasonality has a role. Schools, researchers, and educators along with market analyzers all have rotating budgets.

But who cares about that? We have no decisions or say regarding that. Just take the survey as soon as it pops up and score those sweet dollars.

How to get more surveys

Their official site says that you’ll get 1-2 surveys per week. But in reality, it’s a lot more random than that. Sometimes I have a survey every week.

Get more surveys with Surveys On The Go.
This is overestimating.

There is no way to get more surveys- it’s completely dependent on the surveyor’s target audience, how many people are using the app in your area, and how many people the surveyor wants to take their survey.

There are probably also other variables that affect the chances of you getting that survey alert, but it’s more than I care to research about. Who has time for that?

Regardless, it’s out of your control and there’s nothing you can do to get more surveys with Surveys On The Go. Just keep the phone on your app stack and enable notifications for it.

Android users should have them on by default. iOS users have the option to do so. This way, you can capture whenever a new survey shows up. Other than that, use other high-paying survey apps during the gaps.

The problem with Surveys On The Go – rejected surveys

Surveys On The Go has a common problem that most survey apps have- you can get declined for a survey halfway through the form and waste your time.

This is extremely frustrating when you give away your valuable thoughts/opinions just to be denied survey approval and paid a mere $0.10 rather than the full amount.

Sure, if you get screened out early, that ten cents may be worth it.

But what if you already put in 20 minutes or so just to be screened out near the end of the survey?

You just wasted your time and got paid slave wages.

This is acknowledged on their FAQ page, and they state that you can be disqualified from a PAYMENT because of these reasons:

Payment rejected by Surveys On The Go.
This should help you get your payments on time.

But sometimes even when you do everything right, you STILL get DQ’d. I think some survey requesters abuse this system and screen you out after they collected their answers.

This way, you give them what they want and they pay you pennies on the dollar- in other words, survey fraud.

Surveys On The Go has a major problem with this and it’s just something you’ll have to deal with.

Thankfully, when you DO complete a survey, it pays well and makes up for all the BS ones you had to do. Woot.

How much can you make with Surveys On The Go?

This is a loaded question and the number one thing any beginner wants to know.

Here’s the truth about al these survey apps:

  • You’re not going to get rich.
  • You’re not going to replace your day job.
  • But you will be able to pay for your Netflix subscription (and maybe more) at the end of the month.

Even if you stack survey apps and grind all day, I doubt you’ll make more than working a traditional job. Even at minimum wage.

But hey, it’s money you can earn on your own time whenever you want. No boss. No schedule. It ain’t financial freedom, but it’s your side gig for now while you build your path.

So with that out of the way, let’s talk about earnings.

How much you can make with Surveys On The Go depends on how many surveys you get AND can complete without getting screened out.

  • Assuming you get a nice influx of surveys every week, you’ll make around $1-$4 per week.
  • So that means you’ll make $4-$16 monthly (on average).

The typical user I’d expect to reach the $10 cash out min within 2-3 months. Again, this varies depending on how many surveys you get.

Even if you keep getting disqualified, Surveys On The Go still pays you 10 cents for that and it adds up like interest in the bank.

Besides, when you DO complete a decent survey, the pay makes up for all the ones you were denied.

This is pretty decent pay for a survey app. Compared to others like Qmee or SurveyJunkie, Surveys On The Go has been the highest paying one on average. I just wish they were more consistent with their survey availability. But you can’t have it all.

Don’t rely on it to pay your bills. Their FAQ page lists the common reasons for payment denial.

So if you follow these tips, you should have minimal rejections. But not 100%.

Sometimes you get rejected even if you take the survey seriously. I guess the target demographic for the surveyor doesn’t match your profile.

The payout for Surveys On The Go isn’t bad for a survey app that doesn’t have consistent ones you can take. Just keep it on your phone with notifications ON and take ‘em when they crop up.

Track Cash

Here’s something pretty cool:

There’s an app called track cash that pays you $1.25 every week for having it installed. It’s for select users only, but if you come across the “survey,” consider downloading the app.

After you download it and have it running in the background, you’ll be paid $1.25 every single week in the form of a survey. This will double or even triple your earnings with Surveys On The Go.

Is Surveys On The Go legit?

Surveys On The Go is a legitimate app that pays.

You’ll probably be annoyed because of all the disqualifications you’ll come across and being paid a mere $0.10. But once you find a survey that gives you the big bucks, you’ll be stoked.

The app does take some time to earn enough to cash out, but it does pay you by PayPal, Visa, or gift card. I haven’t seen any reports of being banned when requesting payment or anything shady like that.

Plus, the support team seems to be reachable as they’re active in the user reviews, so that means they’re at least doing something:

Surveys On The Go has good customer support.
You can see that their team even responds to 5/5 ratings.

Is it worth your time?

Yes, it’s worth your time as long as you don’t sit there waiting for a survey to show up.

When you get one, you take it and hope you don’t get DQ’d. it’s that easy.

Be fast and accurate so you don’t waste your time even if you get screened out.

Since this app doesn’t let you grind 24/7, there’s no way to measure a practical earnings/hour.

Is it safe?

Surveys On The Go’s support team seems to be pretty serious when privacy is mentioned. Their FAQ page says that your data is confidential and anonymous.

They also mention that the surveyors won’t know who you are and they won’t spam you with ads, emails, or phone calls. So that’s reassuring.

But then again, if you blatantly go around leaving behind your email, name, phone, or other means of contact within surveys (like when you put in free-text responses), that’s on you.

Don’t ever fill in your personal details even if the survey asks for it. Y

ou should report the problematic survey to Surveys On The Go to let them know. They may have slipped through the cracks. Stay private when you take these surveys.

Overall review: Surveys On The Go

Surveys On The Go is a decent survey app for mobile phones that pays.

Although you can’t do surveys all day and there are limited numbers you receive weekly, you do get paid a decent rate for the ones you qualify on.

Denied surveys are a thing, but you still get paid for your time.

Overall, it’s a good app to have on your phone to take surveys whenever they become available. It’s legit, pays a decent rate, and has good customer support for any questions. I’d say Surveys On The Go is worth having on your side hustle stack.

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